Why might Keyhole's data differ from other apps (e.g. Instagram)?

Keyhole captures 100% of public posts while trackers are running. In fact, in a number of cases, Keyhole shows more data than other firehose services.

If Keyhole's trackers show different data from another app (e.g. the Instagram app on your phone), it may be for one of 3 reasons:

  1. The app's counter may be including posts that are outside the Keyhole report date range. If the tracker was started after some social conversations took place, the metrics shown on Keyhole will also be different. Keyhole does not capture posts prior to a tracker being started. 
  2. The app's counter may include private posts even though they're not visible to third parties. Only public posts are available through the API. 
  3. Keyhole only captures posts that have the hashtag in the original post, not posts that include the hashtag only in their comments. The counter in the app includes posts with the hashtag only in comments as well.

If you scroll through the app you'll find that the number of posts visible to you are equal to Keyhole's number rather than the app's counter. In other words, the number visible to you in the app are the same as you're seeing in Keyhole. But the app's counter shows a higher number than what is actually visible to users and third parties.

If you're looking for posts outside the date range, please use our Historical Data service


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